About Us

Welcome to Lagos State Internal Revenue Service Multi-Purpose Cooperative!

Lagos State Internal Revenue Service Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society Ltd. is an interest  based co-operative society operating the interest based loan financial activities ,
Our stand thus:

a financial institution organized under the laws of Nigeria. We provide financial and technical assistance to eligible cooperative members. A cooperative enterprise is an organization which is owned by its members and which is engaged in producing or furnishing goods, services, or facilities for the benefit of its members or voting stakeholders who are the ultimate consumers or primary producers of such goods, services, or facilities is structured as a cooperative institution whose voting stake can only be owned by its members or those eligible to become its members.

…and :

Our philosophy is simple; there is awesome power and amazing possibilities in collaborative efforts. We believe people can achieve much more together than individually, entrepreneurs and SME owners can achieve their dreams with or without the exorbitant traditional bank loans. We are convinced that there is a post modern approach to thrift and credit cooperation; we can develop our individual abilities while we grow our collective opportunities and strengthen our economy.

We believe that young professionals deserve to invest their skills and energy in their own future rather than scrambling for scarce opportunities with big multinational corporations.!